we gots a plan

Fresh Freddie Fresh and JNR Sinstar Able-C have been working with the track Plan, by local rap star Big Heath, to create a new Bboy duet.  They started their creative process by mind mapping all the ingredients they would like to put in to their choreography.  The recipe included a battle, and mixture of solos, routines, and links.  They wanted to use stillness to contrast with otherwise quite up-tempo movement, and to be a bit unpredictable.  When asked what they enjoyed watching in other people’s work, they said they liked things that weren’t repetitive and that had an element of surprise, dances that are fast paced and on beat.  The boys wanted to season their material with POWER, ENERGY, and RISK-TAKING.  Able-C had a very clear vision for the opening.  He wanted them both to start set on, with the lights down, crossing the stage as the lights fade up.  Fresh Freddie Fresh was keen to mirror the start for the ending.  With this outline, the boys got to work, and after only six rehearsals have produced We Gots a Plan which will be premiered at Energise Youth Dance platform this Saturday.  The boys are performing as SIN Cru Community in the matinee – which was sold out but as of this morning, three more tickets have been released.  Don’t sleep 😴 , click here for tickets

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