be kind rewind

yes this is a tremendous 2008 farce staring Mos Def and Jack Black, that takes you back to the days of Blockbuster Video, VHS and Betamax, being on curfew, and late return fines.  An excellent Thursday night watch.  But before you settle into your sofa and homemade popcorn, please rewind to Monday.  February 17th is celebrated every year as the Random Act of Kindness Day.  If you were aware and made an effort at the start of the week, your good intentions may have since dwindled and got lost in everyday life.  It is possible, the day slipped by without you even knowing its significance.  Either way, we would like to re-invigorate the aim for kindness with ten suggestions:

  1. reconnect with someone you’ve not reached out to in a while, tell them they are ACEOMATIC
  2. do someone else’s washing up
  3. leave a kind comment on a social media platform you are following
  4. smile all day long, and watch how many smiles come back to you
  5. tell your work colleague/ teacher/ probation officer a funny joke
  6. let someone go infront of you in a queue
  7. thank someone who has made a difference in your life
  8. share or re-post a friend’s cause or business
  9. register with easyfundraising to support something great
  10. give yourself some love – have a bath, buy yourself some flowers, watch Be Kind Rewind

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