the month of love

its been a big one this year, not only because we are in a leap year, so february is legit bigger than last year, but also because SIN Cru started the month by welcoming four new editions to the Hip Hop house.  And I don’t mean Bobby, Johnny, Ronnie, Ricky, Michael or RalphLondon the husky and Bentley the snow dog, are now proud parents to a noisy, boisterous Siberian litter; Dwayne, Glue, Lino, and Pee Wee.  They have filled the front room with smell, fun, and a lorra lorra love.  Meanwhile we have been maximising our capacity to give and receive love during the weekly Wellness sessions at Chesterton Community College.  According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of yang sheng, our heart can offer the transcendent healing emotions of unconditional love and reverence, but when our hearts have taken a bashing, those emotions can be replaced with feelings of anxiety, overexcitement, jealousy, and disrespect.  To nourish our hearts back to happiness, we have been breathing smiles into them, and dissolving any sense of sadness by exhaling with the sound of haaaaaaa.  Not only have we had St Valentine’s Day to help keep our bright red hearts ♥️ at the forefront of our minds, but also the last extra day of this year’s february, leap day, is when all the Qweens are traditionally allowed to propose to their frogs.  If the frogs decline, they have to gift their Qween 12 pairs of gloves – reckless.  There is an argument that socks, not gloves, are the way to your lover’s heart.

Check the links for two great asanas in adoration of the heart – ardha pincha mayurasana, and salamba bhujangasana

Wednesday Wellness| 4.30pm – 5.30pm throughout term time| Chesterton Community College, Cambridge CB4 3NY

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