participate – cancelled

dear dancers we have made the decision to cancel our current short courses in order to help minimise the spread of the Coronavirus.  This cancellation affects Hip Hop Tots and Friday Foundation.  For the time being, we will continue with our small groups of professional artist development, with a flexible approach, knowing that we are in very uncertain times.  It is precisely the challenging times which lead to the most creativity and the strongest love, so turn your frowns upside down and look to the opportunities and adventures this situation can bring.  We will be making more use of t’internet with online tutorials and classes so now is the perfect moment to check you are following all our social medias.  Sending you all lots of love and broccoli 💚🥦


keep washing your hands – when you enter/leave a new space, before and after you eat, after handling money, whenever you haven’t washed them in a while

stay connected – with many people going in to isolation, this can be a lonely time so bring back the long phone calls your dad complained about, write a letter, FaceTime

keep active – be determined and disciplined with regular home practice.  You will find new ways of doing things when you alter your training to work in your home environment.  See it as an inspirational response, and share what you are working on.  Accountability will help improve motivation and lessen feelings of isolation

While we get up and running with new online training content, click on the links for some action you can start today

24 days of Christmas 1/24

A partridge in a pear tree 1/12

Planes with Noodle 1/9

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