stay safe peoples

shouts to all you who are still out everyday due to vital roles and responsibilities in our communities.  Shouts to all you who are confined on lockdown, already driving each other mental.  Shouts to all yous who are properly in isolation, possibly talking to yourselves by now, and maybe you’ve resurrected your imaginary friend.  We are still here; SIN Cru Directors are working remotely, and key artists are bringing out online content to keep you all active, creative, and distracted.  Stay in the loop through our social medias and get in touch, drop us a comment, an email, and tell us how you’re doing.  We Skype, we Zoom, we Facetime too if any of you are feeling like you need to connect with an actual face on a moving body 🙂  Its good to talk.

To help slow the spread of #COVID19 by identifying at risk cases sooner, the Covid Symptom Tracker has been designed by doctors and scientists at King’s College, London.  It works with you self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well.  Click here to find out more and to download the very important app.  Strength in Numbers people, together we’ll crush it, keep the music playing ❤️💕

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