why does toilet roll keep falling on my head?

welcome party people to the best day of the year, and how fantastic we are all on lockdown so no one can escape the frivolities.

Sausage Finger | for this horrid little handshake you will need a raw sausage.  Put the sausage between two of your fingers so that it looks as though you have got five fingers and a thumb on one hand.  Now choose a victim and without them seeing the sausage shake their hand and say, ‘ouch!  Mind my bad finger.’  They will get a nasty shock when you pull your hand away and leave them holding the sausage.

Head Tapper | it’s hard not to laugh when you play this rotten trick.  Get two friends to kneel or sit facing each other each with a plastic spoon in their mouth.  Now tell them to take turns to lower their head while their opponent taps them on the head with their spoon to see who can tap the hardest.  Infact it is only possible to give a very gentle tap with a spoon in your mouth.  However you can play a trick on one of your friends if you hide a plastic spoon in your hand and your other friend is in on the trick.  This time when your victim bends forward, secretly give them a smart tap on the head with your spoon while the other player pretends that they have done it in the usual way.  Your victim will be surprised at how hard their adversary managed to tap them and if you continue will bust a gut trying to do the same!

Missing Teeth | Make photographs more interesting by sticking small pieces of black paper on some of your front teeth.  When you grin it will look as though these teeth are missing.

These fantastic japes are all from The Practical Jokers Handbook, by John Dinneen.

Give them and more, all a go, and laugh until you wet yourself…






… jokes on you, its after 12.00pm 😂😳😂😂😂😂

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