raise TY <3

this COVID-19 is a f**ker.  Everything seems unreal at the moment, with very mixed reactions and responses to the pandemic.  Some peoples are continuing to socialise and BBQ like May bank holiday has come early; others have removed themselves, gloved, masked and haven’t seen sunlight for three weeks.  Then there’s the 1,532,726 people who have been confirmed as having contracted the virus.  TY is one of those who has been infected, and is now in hospital in an induced coma.  TY is an artist, a member of SIN Cru since the early days.  More importantly TY is a friend, he’s Uncle TY to my daughters Jaelle and Chaya, and has watched them grow from shorties.  He has always shown love and given time to support the next generation of rappers, often joining us for CHHW and SoHHA, to help kids write their first rhymes and hold a mic.  TY is stubborn.  TY is awkward.  On stage, TY is the no1 crowd engager – he knows how to get a party started, and now he needs our energies.  Please send TY all your bestest thoughts to help power him back up, and click the gofundme campaign to raise TY once he is out of hospital.

Rock Amadeus, TY with love, Lucy | Artistic Director

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