we don’t need roads

Supported by Arts Council England, as part of SIN Cru’s 25th anniversary celebrations, Fly No Filter endeavoured to create a new piece of dance theatre.  Since reppin for the ladies in 1999, after ten years as a JNR Sinstar, two years on the eOTo scheme, and battling Ill Boogs for a spot in the Sinstars Bboy crew nine years ago, Bgirl RascElle finally joined the Fly No Filter company line up.  Live and direct after returning from four years in Vietnam, welcome to her words.

Taking us right ‘Back to the Future’ we entered the land of the online.  Due to the villainous COVID-19, the latest Fly No Filter project had to be altered and adapted to meet regulations.  This proved new and challenging for us all.  We were directed to train and share through the ZOOM master and other media platforms.  As we focused on performance and battle, there were many new concepts we had to work with, for instance, losing direct human response, and judging that through the virtual world.  Entering battles online gave us the opportunity to compete not only nationally but internationally from the comfort of our own homes, to a much larger audience.  This was an amazing opportunity but also tough when it came to the dreadful buffering, lagging, and dodgy WIFI.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting back into my body and working on all my foundation and fundamentals with professional directors and new artists.  Throughout the project I received top inspiration, drills, technique and friendship.  Aside from watching the brilliantly edited performance pieces we’d developed, and making it through to the finals at an international battle, for me the biggest finale was being able to meet and train together as a company in person for the last session.  This is just the start of the adventure.  Roads, where we’re going, we don’t need roads.


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