commendable and engaging

Now I don’t profess to be an active member of the Bboy scene – although I do have a history of support for and involvement with SIN Cru – but I do know a commendable and engaging Hip Hop Festival when I see one.

I joined the Urban SINfonie pre-party with LadyBFine and TrebLRek and I was instantly connected.  The old school tunes got me grooving in the kitchen while being entertained by the DJ pair donning vibrant hats complement of Kangol, and sweatshirts from FullyDipped Gold.  The reams of archive footage was an entertaining watch compered by the knowlegeable and perfectly toned presenter Ben Eastwood,  and is testament to the strong history of SIN Cru.  It was a major treat to listen to Ken Swift from his LA studio, superbly interviewed by Ill Boogs – both legends in their own right.  Having this pair show up provided huge gravitas and is evidence of their respect for SIN Cru.  The panel interviews explored the ever evolving nature of this arts scene, and the online battles were exciting and simply accessed.  I was proud of SIN Cru for pushing the boundaries.  To be able to watch a live battle featuring crews from Vietnam and Switzerland all from the comfort of your own home – I was infact cooking Sunday dinner – was a new experience and for me it was the ability to invite my friends on Facebook to join me in a Watch Party that made it so dynamic.  Usually you are at an event and wish others were with you.  This time I could invite anyone to join me instantly.

I feel really proud of Lucy whom I have known for over 25 years.  I feel privileged to have witnessed the evolvement and growth of SIN Cru.  The culmination of 25 years celebrated in the Urban SINfonie online festival proves the huge journey travelled and is an inspiration to the arts world.

Mrs F. Brown

Assistant Headteacher, Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School

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