experiments in time and space

Khagen is an emerging dance artist from Manchester. As a new generation Bboy from the north of England, he brought a variety of different perspectives and reference points to the company. This year is all about drawing back to history and tradition, and taking those lessons and inspirations into blue sky thinking to create new work which is responsive to now, to propel us with glamour at a jaunty angle, into the next quarter of a century.

From Khagen mad-fer-it Big Dawg:

Having recently completed all aspects of the Back to the Future #SINCru25 project, I’m pleased with the outcome. Overall I enjoyed taking part in the project in the role of ‘Big Dawg’, which included rehearsing for battles and for the video, Back to the Future – an experiment in time and space.

The #SINCru25 project was demanding as it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I was expected to create and set routines and movements for performing, which was different for me as I freestyle a lot in all of my performances. However I enjoyed the challenge of devising and choreographing material as it allowed me to develop more consistency when planning and executing my rounds.

During this project I learned various new footwork steps and variations that I could develop in my space. As I was limited to my living room, it was not appropriate for me to perform big power moves, which consequently forced me to develop more floorwork patterns and transitions, with the help of SIN Cru.

I enjoyed the experience of entering online battles, which otherwise I would not have done if it wasn’t for this project. I particularly enjoyed the challenge of working in a 2v2 with a battle partner who was in a different location, which allowed us to consider ways to exceed in the battle by using the online platform to our advantage when making routines and commandos.

The least enjoyable part of the project was due to the limitations in place because of COVID-19. This meant I was unable to meet the rest of the company until very late on in the project, and it was particularly difficult trying to battle to my strengths whilst also bound by the impracticalities of my living room.

Ultimately I very much enjoyed the project and I am grateful to SIN Cru for allowing me to be a part of it. I look forward to future plans ✌🏾🀟🏾

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