welcome to the new world

wg people. As much as I am hoping for an Indian summer, autumn is nudging the periphery. Schools are opening and the start of the new academic year is upon us, masked and two metres apart. Drawing from the success of our Participate Digital pilot, next week sees the launch of our autumn programme. We are running two of our most popular courses in short four week blocks: Tuesday 8th sees the return of Cease and Settle, Wednesday 9th welcomes back Breakin’. Both courses take place over ZOOM so you can access us on the move, in the garden, from your living rooms, wherever you and wifi are in the world. Check our education page for more info and click here to book.

SIN Cru’s 7 Tips to Learn Smarter

  1. Find the right teachers for you
  2. Create a strong foundation
  3. Gain first hand, real life experience
  4. Be OK with making mistakes
  5. Ask questions
  6. Learn your subject history and context
  7. Remember why you started

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