stuntgal for superstardom

we are so tremendously proud and excited to be sharing the news that JNR Sinstar alumni, Lara Stuntgal Ciulli has been offered a place to study at Philippe Gaulier‘s prestigious theatre clowning school in Étampes, Paris. In Lara’s own words, ‘this is a truly once in a lifetime opportunity’ and she will be heading out to Paris to start this very big next stage of her life in October.

Lara explains what brought her to L’école Philippe Gaulier.

Having spent this last year reading, and watching more theatre than ever before, and having a lot of time to reflect on the future of the industry and how I want to create within that, I began looking into the teaching of Philippe Gaulier, French master clown, pedagogue, professor of theatre, a man described as ‘one of today’s most influential and revolutionary theatre masters’. His teaching method seems extreme and unique – this idea of revelling in the joy of being on stage, uncomfortable, ridiculous, finding the game – le jeu, in everything you do and allowing that to be the door into any emotion you play. I’ve realised that this is exactly what I want to be doing.

Lara has spent the last two years working to save money for this move and with support left to her by her grandad, she is able to pay the course fees. Her main concern now is to cover her rent and living expenses in the first term whilst she looks for a part time job. And this readers, is where we can get involved – donate donate donate and lets help turn dreams into reality. SIN Cru are a million percent behind Lara’s campaign and cannot think of a more deserving or suitable young artist to join Philippe Gaulier. Please click here for the gofundme link. Lara thanks you in advance, from the heart and will keep donors updated with performances and news of her studies.

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