co class lite bite – fly cai

Fly Cai joined SIN Cru’s development scheme for professional artists with the second round of company class launched during lockdown. He has been crew for many years, working his way through community classes to becoming a valued member of the JNR Sinstars youth crew, and graduating to eOTo for emerging artists. Fly Cai is now considering his practice as a professional artist and what that might look like for him. Here he explains how company class helps him physically and with his wellbeing.

The class settles me, challenges me and pushes me to my limit throughout the day and the course. The challenges are consistent from complicated breakin’ that includes footwork, freezes, power; and doing intensive fitness ie. sit-ups, push-ups and planks. The day finishes with cool-down, stretching and meditation, and leaves me feeling calm and focussed.

Throughout the course I have progressed physically in my training, and this has impacted me by getting my body in better shape and improving my stamina. I’ve learnt that when not being able to do something initially, with consistent practice it is possible to reach my goal. Overcoming these challenges is helping me both as a dancer and as an individual.