co class nibbles – bgirl Princess

Lauren Stewart aka Lozza aka Princess turned up to a SIN Cru audition in 2018 and landed herself the lead role of Roni in the Glorious Tour and subsequent performance exhibition only when its feathers are grown. Since then she has become an integral part of the company with a keen desire for learning and self-development. After waking from a dream about birthing a cat, Princess shares her thoughts on company class…

Each week I enjoy discussions we have on Hip Hop culture and find through these I learn more about the art form and how each person in company class feels on a topic. One week we were asked to read through Letter to an OG, an Article on the Hip Hop Dance Almanac and as I read it I found a lot of things to ask questions on/relate to in my practice. However, if I had just read it through myself I wouldn’t have understood the tiny nuances that the group unpicked throughout the article. We were able to pull apart sections, ask questions to one another and see different sides to an argument.

Company class is physically and mentally demanding. It inspires me to want to improve and continue learning and has been very important in my Breakin’ journey which I hope I can continue in the future.

Here is bgirl Princess opening up a showcase for Big Norfolk Holiday Fun in December, alongside crew mates RascElle and James Therobot

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