co class appetiser – Mechanikool

Mechanikool is a first rate popper. He has been doing his thing for years, travelling the globe learning from, sharing with, and influencing dancers of all generations. Several moons ago Mechanikool made the trek to the Bridge with the sole plan to clean up at Urban SINfonie and take home the money. He returned last year to work with Fly No Filter on new work FINEST and has been a pretty permanent fixture ever since. Here are his thoughts on company class so far;

As this is the first time I have invested in artist development I remained open minded about what I expected to learn/experience on this course. 

What I like about the company classes is it gives you a chance to explore things that you might have been procrastinating or not confident enough to attempt to practice. In my case it was building my familiarity with lower level movement in popping. Traditionally, I attack a lower/ground level move as a momentary thing but I wanted to understand my anatomy in these positions. This involved partly building strength in my legs and improving fluidity in motion. If I had a regret, it is that I understood the opportunity better to approach working on this in a different way but at the same time maybe I need this slower reaction to understand the need to explore more effective practice strategies.

Another thing that I have been highly grateful for is the opportunity for yoga,  the meditation, stretching and even the Tabata sessions. I already the see the benefits to my conditioning. This is an aspect of my dance journey that I’m not always so consistent with but it has encouraged me to get back on some of these exercises in my own time. I’d also add that seeing the younger artists and how flexible they are in certain aspects has encouraged me to aspire to improve my own body for the sake of longevity in this dance.

I have highly appreciated the opportunity to work with new people in a different location, which has been truly fun.

An excerpt of Mechanikool performing FINEST … audio ON 🙂


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