co class garlic bread – Lil’Tim

People didn’t believe it could be done – garlic bread. Bread with garlic. A ‘taste sensation, the future’ as Peter Kay famously said of the side dish. In 2014 the thunderbolt of fun that is Lil’Tim won the UK Bboy Championships world finals, and just like your first bite of garlic bread, the bboy scene got a glimpse of the future, with moves and an energy that were unbelievable, unsurpassable. Lil’Tim has spent a lot of time nurturing new generations with his infectious positivity, and through the SIN Cru company classes, he has been able to refocus some of that good sheeet back into his own personal development:

I’m part of the SIN Cru family and have been taking part in the company classes. We have been working on foundation – foundation is not only about moves, it’s about the way we think and interpret our feelings into movement. We have been trying to take ourselves back to the roots of bboy culture to be more authentic in the way we present ourselves when entering the circle.

I have been working on basics – hand; hips; feet; arms; back positions; working in and out of different techniques and moves; all to help me get rid of bad practice and unhelpful habits I have done over the years. It makes me realise the strengths and weaknesses I have in my body, and which areas I most need work on. I have struggled with breathing, as I realise I hold my breath a lot so I need to be more conscious of that. Also to free up the tightness in my body, I need to stretch and condition more.

I teach a lot of the time and now being a student again has helped me for when I teach. I’m having an amazing time and know what I need to achieve before I start battling again. 


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