Valoris and the Expansions is on the Road – TrubLroC

Valoris and the Expansions has been brewing as an idea in many different forms for as many years.  We have trialled outdoor shows, street shows and busking as youth development activities but have never had the opportunity for our own professional training in these very specific areas.  Thanks to support from Babylon Arts, Safer Kirklees and Arts Council England we were able to work with experts Mark Mark Productions and Lizi Patch during our residencies at Yorkshire Dance and Leeds Grand to explore some of the nuances of street theatre.  

We are barely one month into the project and have already performed five shows; broken down; run various company members over; and found ourselves in OK Diner querying how big a big baked potato might be, when we slipped through a portal on the A1 and into an alternate universe.  With eleven more shows already confirmed we are bracing ourselves for a remix of Wacky Races as we very slowly zig zag across the country, running mainly off vegan farts, with an eclectic playlist unwantingly harmonised to by Lil’Tim in a sugar coated daze.  If we are lucky we’ll hit a road downhill and reach a steady 64mph for longer than it takes to change lanes.

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