The Expansions travelling through time and space to Hotbed Fest

This Sunday was BGirl RascElle’s shining debut in Valoris and the Expansions. Performing at the notorious Hotbed Theatre Festival in her hometown, we brought the five Expansions and the baby blue VW van to Cambridge Junction. Here’s what she thought about one particular process in the rehearsal period at Yorkshire Dance in Leeds:

To kickstart the rehearsal process we were taken out of our comfort zones to explore the power of acting. Working alongside theatre professionals, Mark and Lizi we were invited to meet a variety of archetypes. Once we’d become acquainted and familiarised ourselves with the five archetypal characters, we introduced them to breakin’. We each focused on presenting these new characters through our own movement and interaction. As we became more confident performing, the story began to grow and took us in a direction we were not expecting. Developing the characters before the dance was an interesting process and inspired me to think outside the box. I wonder who I’ll choose to be today 😉

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