VE Design Artist highlight

There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes for our latest project, Valoris and the Expansions. One person in particular created the designs for our posters and our costumes. She even has an exhibition that has just begun and will continue all the way through to September which you can check out. Here’s a bit of info into how Ali Hunte’s process works:

I usually start with research. In this case I was given themes, an overall vibe and what the fabric was going to be used for. I looked broadly at Hip Hop and explored it as much as I could. I’m primarily a fine art printmaker, so my next step is to do some drawings to make prints from. I wanted some quintessentially hip hop images that I could build the design around. Once I had those images I carved them out of lino and printed them. From there the process is digital, playing with the images, colours and repeating patterns. I came up with several different designs and colour ways and refined the print based on feedback from Lucy. I enjoyed the collaborative aspect of this kind of work, it stretches my creativity which is always a good thing.

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