reminisce by the robot

Growing up, my generation of the U.K Bboy scene were always aware of SIN Cru: we saw them at events and battles, and heard them spoken about by promoters, O.G’s and Arts organisations alike.  My crew Trinity Warriors knew of SIN Cru’s Urban SINfonie as a U.K battle event through channels like the now obsolete UKBboy.info and Facebook posts.
In 2010, I caught a train to Cambridge and entered Urban SINfonie Poppin Battle.  I was injured and unprepared.  I wore a full red Dickies two-piece suit like I was a West Coast Blood.  Bboy Freeze from Ghost Cru stood behind me while I battled, which strangely made me more nervous, and later, in a young and toyish move, I called out Kwikstep in the cyphers.
In 2011, I drove to Urban SINfonie 2 on 2 Bboy battle and entered with Rico as Trinity Warriors.  We had all shaved our heads that year, like we were in the army or something, and I looked like I’d escaped a mental asylum.  We spent all our time between rounds in the circles.
Both times I left feeling like I’d been out of my depth:  the size and level of Hip Hop at these events were different to what I’d experienced in Derby.  Every crew has their own bubble they create and ours had always been around battles, performances, hanging out and training, and the ever present MCs in the crew who rapped Hip Hop and Grime.  In Cambridge there were graffiti displays, rap and beatbox showcases, a whole Poppin’ scene with OGs like Mach-1 and Zia, and crazy antics shared from SIN Cru’s youth development and surrounding Hip Hop festival SOHHA, giving us a glimpse into SIN Cru’s day to day flava – absolutely barmy.  To give you an idea of what I mean, there was a moment during the event when SIN Cru stopped the cyphers and to bring a group of young people on to the lino to perform Hip Hop karaoke.  At the time I remember Freeze looking over at me as if to say ‘I am completely lost.’  Now ten years later, I have bought in to the madness and I see it not as a weakness but as part of the signature SIN Cru style: uncontrollable, funny and non conformist.
This was all in an era when local hip hop events were abundant and it felt like every city had its own crew, scene, style and agenda.  Urban SINfonie allowed some serious growth and development for me as a young Bboy.  It brought together International pioneers like Ken Swift and the 7 Gems, and Poe 1 from America,  Maurizio and Freeze from Europe, and under appreciated U.K  O.Gs including Pervez, Lonestar and Skam.  At the same time SIN Cru hosted youth battles to connect with other young crews like Shaolin Shadows from Leeds.  As part of SIN Cru’s 25th Anniversary, I’ve been looking back at what made the company important to me and valuable to the wider Hip Hop scene.  Watch out for the return of Urban SINfonie in 2020

raise TY <3

this COVID-19 is a f**ker.  Everything seems unreal at the moment, with very mixed reactions and responses to the pandemic.  Some peoples are continuing to socialise and BBQ like May bank holiday has come early; others have removed themselves, gloved, masked and haven’t seen sunlight for three weeks.  Then there’s the 1,532,726 people who have been confirmed as having contracted the virus.  TY is one of those who has been infected, and is now in hospital in an induced coma.  TY is an artist, a member of SIN Cru since the early days.  More importantly TY is a friend, he’s Uncle TY to my daughters Jaelle and Chaya, and has watched them grow from shorties.  He has always shown love and given time to support the next generation of rappers, often joining us for CHHW and SoHHA, to help kids write their first rhymes and hold a mic.  TY is stubborn.  TY is awkward.  On stage, TY is the no1 crowd engager – he knows how to get a party started, and now he needs our energies.  Please send TY all your bestest thoughts to help power him back up, and click the gofundme campaign to raise TY once he is out of hospital.

Rock Amadeus, TY with love, Lucy | Artistic Director

why does toilet roll keep falling on my head?

welcome party people to the best day of the year, and how fantastic we are all on lockdown so no one can escape the frivolities.

Sausage Finger | for this horrid little handshake you will need a raw sausage.  Put the sausage between two of your fingers so that it looks as though you have got five fingers and a thumb on one hand.  Now choose a victim and without them seeing the sausage shake their hand and say, ‘ouch!  Mind my bad finger.’  They will get a nasty shock when you pull your hand away and leave them holding the sausage.

Head Tapper | it’s hard not to laugh when you play this rotten trick.  Get two friends to kneel or sit facing each other each with a plastic spoon in their mouth.  Now tell them to take turns to lower their head while their opponent taps them on the head with their spoon to see who can tap the hardest.  Infact it is only possible to give a very gentle tap with a spoon in your mouth.  However you can play a trick on one of your friends if you hide a plastic spoon in your hand and your other friend is in on the trick.  This time when your victim bends forward, secretly give them a smart tap on the head with your spoon while the other player pretends that they have done it in the usual way.  Your victim will be surprised at how hard their adversary managed to tap them and if you continue will bust a gut trying to do the same!

Missing Teeth | Make photographs more interesting by sticking small pieces of black paper on some of your front teeth.  When you grin it will look as though these teeth are missing.

These fantastic japes are all from The Practical Jokers Handbook, by John Dinneen.

Give them and more, all a go, and laugh until you wet yourself…






… jokes on you, its after 12.00pm 😂😳😂😂😂😂

stay safe peoples

shouts to all you who are still out everyday due to vital roles and responsibilities in our communities.  Shouts to all you who are confined on lockdown, already driving each other mental.  Shouts to all yous who are properly in isolation, possibly talking to yourselves by now, and maybe you’ve resurrected your imaginary friend.  We are still here; SIN Cru Directors are working remotely, and key artists are bringing out online content to keep you all active, creative, and distracted.  Stay in the loop through our social medias and get in touch, drop us a comment, an email, and tell us how you’re doing.  We Skype, we Zoom, we Facetime too if any of you are feeling like you need to connect with an actual face on a moving body 🙂  Its good to talk.

To help slow the spread of #COVID19 by identifying at risk cases sooner, the Covid Symptom Tracker has been designed by doctors and scientists at King’s College, London.  It works with you self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well.  Click here to find out more and to download the very important app.  Strength in Numbers people, together we’ll crush it, keep the music playing ❤️💕

participate – cancelled

dear dancers we have made the decision to cancel our current short courses in order to help minimise the spread of the Coronavirus.  This cancellation affects Hip Hop Tots and Friday Foundation.  For the time being, we will continue with our small groups of professional artist development, with a flexible approach, knowing that we are in very uncertain times.  It is precisely the challenging times which lead to the most creativity and the strongest love, so turn your frowns upside down and look to the opportunities and adventures this situation can bring.  We will be making more use of t’internet with online tutorials and classes so now is the perfect moment to check you are following all our social medias.  Sending you all lots of love and broccoli 💚🥦


keep washing your hands – when you enter/leave a new space, before and after you eat, after handling money, whenever you haven’t washed them in a while

stay connected – with many people going in to isolation, this can be a lonely time so bring back the long phone calls your dad complained about, write a letter, FaceTime

keep active – be determined and disciplined with regular home practice.  You will find new ways of doing things when you alter your training to work in your home environment.  See it as an inspirational response, and share what you are working on.  Accountability will help improve motivation and lessen feelings of isolation

While we get up and running with new online training content, click on the links for some action you can start today

24 days of Christmas 1/24

A partridge in a pear tree 1/12

Planes with Noodle 1/9

time to get dancing

This Friday 13th March is the start of our four week courses with international superstar Bgirl RascElle.  She will be teaching Hip Hop Tots for 0 – 6yr olds, and Foundation for 7yrs – adult.  Hip Hop Tots is all about having fun and expressing yourself.  Foundation will be focusing on bboy technique with creative challenges.  To register or for more info email: director@sincru.co.uk

Fridays 13th, 20th, 27th March and 3rd April

Hip Hop Tots 3.30pm – 4.15pm

Foundation 4.30pm – 6.00pm

The Church of the Good Shepherd, Mansel Way, Cambridge CB4 2ET


Fly No Filter‘s tremendous lighting and theatre designer Trui Malten has been working on Indecent, a new play by Paula Vogel.  Over the next two weeks, Trui will be assisting the talented Chris Akerlind in London’s Menier Chocolate Factory in this play about a play.  The travels and travails of Sholem Ash’s God of Vengeance are played out through storytelling, music, and dance, and is said to have the best love scene since Romeo’s balcony performance.  Click here for further info and to book tickets.


the month of love

its been a big one this year, not only because we are in a leap year, so february is legit bigger than last year, but also because SIN Cru started the month by welcoming four new editions to the Hip Hop house.  And I don’t mean Bobby, Johnny, Ronnie, Ricky, Michael or RalphLondon the husky and Bentley the snow dog, are now proud parents to a noisy, boisterous Siberian litter; Dwayne, Glue, Lino, and Pee Wee.  They have filled the front room with smell, fun, and a lorra lorra love.  Meanwhile we have been maximising our capacity to give and receive love during the weekly Wellness sessions at Chesterton Community College.  According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of yang sheng, our heart can offer the transcendent healing emotions of unconditional love and reverence, but when our hearts have taken a bashing, those emotions can be replaced with feelings of anxiety, overexcitement, jealousy, and disrespect.  To nourish our hearts back to happiness, we have been breathing smiles into them, and dissolving any sense of sadness by exhaling with the sound of haaaaaaa.  Not only have we had St Valentine’s Day to help keep our bright red hearts ♥️ at the forefront of our minds, but also the last extra day of this year’s february, leap day, is when all the Qweens are traditionally allowed to propose to their frogs.  If the frogs decline, they have to gift their Qween 12 pairs of gloves – reckless.  There is an argument that socks, not gloves, are the way to your lover’s heart.

Check the links for two great asanas in adoration of the heart – ardha pincha mayurasana, and salamba bhujangasana

Wednesday Wellness| 4.30pm – 5.30pm throughout term time| Chesterton Community College, Cambridge CB4 3NY

be kind rewind

yes this is a tremendous 2008 farce staring Mos Def and Jack Black, that takes you back to the days of Blockbuster Video, VHS and Betamax, being on curfew, and late return fines.  An excellent Thursday night watch.  But before you settle into your sofa and homemade popcorn, please rewind to Monday.  February 17th is celebrated every year as the Random Act of Kindness Day.  If you were aware and made an effort at the start of the week, your good intentions may have since dwindled and got lost in everyday life.  It is possible, the day slipped by without you even knowing its significance.  Either way, we would like to re-invigorate the aim for kindness with ten suggestions:

  1. reconnect with someone you’ve not reached out to in a while, tell them they are ACEOMATIC
  2. do someone else’s washing up
  3. leave a kind comment on a social media platform you are following
  4. smile all day long, and watch how many smiles come back to you
  5. tell your work colleague/ teacher/ probation officer a funny joke
  6. let someone go infront of you in a queue
  7. thank someone who has made a difference in your life
  8. share or re-post a friend’s cause or business
  9. register with easyfundraising to support something great
  10. give yourself some love – have a bath, buy yourself some flowers, watch Be Kind Rewind

bmx school

yessssssssss all new for 2020, 1wmbmx are running a regular BMX school for all budding flatlanders.  The team are holding a special fundraiser this Saturday to showcase flatland BMXing.  If you are a pro or expert rider, bring your skills and share tricks, £10 ride fee.  If you are interested in finding out more about the school, or just want to see some amazing shizzle, come down on Saturday and meet Jay and the 1wmbmx crew.  Donations welcome from spectators.  All funds go towards developing the school.

The school’s aim is to teach the artform of BMXing to children and adults, promoting its benefits, and passing down knowledge.  As a safe space to learn without distraction, the school creates the perfect environment to nurture future BMX champions and leaders.  This form of riding has been authenticated for the next Olympics, and with 3 world champion titles already, Jay and 1wmbmx boast a spectacular history of riding ability.  The 1wmbmx school is the first of its kind in the UK.  BMX Bandits forever, this could become a habit <3

When: Saturday 15th February

Time: 9.00am – 12.00pm

Where: Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, Ledrington Road, London SE19 2BB