we gots a plan

Fresh Freddie Fresh and JNR Sinstar Able-C have been working with the track Plan, by local rap star Big Heath, to create a new Bboy duet.  They started their creative process by mind mapping all the ingredients they would like to put in to their choreography.  The recipe included a battle, and mixture of solos, routines, and links.  They wanted to use stillness to contrast with otherwise quite up-tempo movement, and to be a bit unpredictable.  When asked what they enjoyed watching in other people’s work, they said they liked things that weren’t repetitive and that had an element of surprise, dances that are fast paced and on beat.  The boys wanted to season their material with POWER, ENERGY, and RISK-TAKING.  Able-C had a very clear vision for the opening.  He wanted them both to start set on, with the lights down, crossing the stage as the lights fade up.  Fresh Freddie Fresh was keen to mirror the start for the ending.  With this outline, the boys got to work, and after only six rehearsals have produced We Gots a Plan which will be premiered at Energise Youth Dance platform this Saturday.  The boys are performing as SIN Cru Community in the matinee – which was sold out but as of this morning, three more tickets have been released.  Don’t sleep 😴 , click here for tickets

loving our lungs

we often creep towards the end of january leaving a trail of discarded resolutions and a post-festive denseness.  Our weekly Wellness class has been taking positive action to combat both these new year blues, by loving our lungs.  Healthy lungs are essential in maintaining vitality throughout the rest of our bodies.  Our lungs become congested by pollution, so mucus gathers to catch microbes and pathogens 🦠, adding to the feeling of heaviness.  In the ancient Chinese philosophy of yang sheng, each organ is associated with a different emotion – grief resides in the lungs.  That’s a total lot of weight to be lugging around, so for lighter steps forward into 2020, we have been prioritising our breathing as the most vital body function of all.  Deep and full breathing relaxes our bodies by stimulating the vagus nerve, which is in charge of turning off the fight or flight reflex, and also combats inflammation.  In our Wellness class we have spent this month building the beginnings of new habits for simple longterm lifestyle changes; we have been breathing smiles into our lungs to dissolve grief, and working on poses to stretch the chest and stimulate the lungs.  And green tea is a wonderful refresher, full of antioxidants which help reduce inflammation in the lungs and protect lung tissue.

Check the links for some great asanas for majestic lungs – dandasana, setu bandhasana, anjaneyasana, and parighasana

Wednesday Wellness| 4.30pm – 5.30pm throughout term time| Chesterton Community College, Cambridge CB4 3NY



towards the end of last year, Camelot released the epic National Lottery 25th birthday advert.  It celebrates all the fantastic not-for-profit projects which have been supported by the National Lottery, featuring many of the organisations who have benefitted, including SIN Cru.  We were delighted to have been invited to represent and it was a wonderful opportunity to spend some crew quality time.  The Sinstars line-up, Flash Jordan, James Therobot, Ben Swift, Twista, Geo and TrubLroC, travelled to the shoot in Ealing Studios from Leeds, France, South and West London, and the Bridge.  They were joined by eOTo alumni Willexic and Chi Boogie who are both now at university in Leeds.  It was great to meet Eva Lazarus who fronted the ad and has worked a lot with SIN Cru fam Brad Baloo, and to dance with the humongous robots – a dream come true for some.  This week we appeared in the Mirror, Star, and Express with an interview recognising 25 years of our empowering and life-enhancing activity as one of the National Lottery’s good causes.  Thankyou Camelot, thankyou Adam&Eve, thankyou Kangol, thankyou Puma and Canoe, and thank YOU – your numbers make amazing happen 😃



Sunshine Bus


2020 get your hashtag on.  This year we will be bringing you an array of activity in memory of the last two and a half decades, to celebrate SIN Cru’s 25th anniversary, and to show love to the future.  We going to have blow up shizzle and also some quiet reflective moments.  SIN Cru as always, is always a collective with none of our achievements having been made possible without our family, friends, and community.  We would like to hear your celebratory ideas and reminisce with you, so get involved –

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James projects@sincru.co.uk

Ben marketing@sincru.co.uk

Lucy director@sincru.co.uk


in celebration of the life of Jack Merritt

Jack was one of two victims murdered on Friday 29th November in the London Bridge Terror Attack.  He was intelligent, loyal, loved music and art, and good food.  He was a prison rehabilitation worker, dedicated to improving people’s lives, and a good friend to many, including Sinstars BGirl RascElle, who was devasted to learn of his death.  Jack’s friends have set up a GoFund me campaign to raise money in his honour, to celebrate his life, and set up a legacy fund.  Check out the page, learn more about Jack and his powerful work, add the fund to your Christmas list.  Peace.

you got this – Vans

Vans are supporting CoppaFeel! to help educate young people about the importance of checking their breasts in the fight against cancer.  Vans have released the special Breast Cancer Awareness Collection and will donate a minimum of $200,000 to the UK organisation CoppaFeel! to promote awareness and encourage early detection of any breast abnormalities, to improve breast cancer survival rates and help save lives.  Check yo self before you wrickety wreck yo self.

participate – its a family affair

Plain and simple, we have had a wonderful summer with open training bringing dem uni boys out of retirement, river days, and of course the crew BBQ.  Great times, community, family, hip hop.  All refreshed and ready for the next four week Participate! courses, welcoming new teacher Lucy McMahon to the team who is looking forward to leading Hip Hop Tots.  With three different focus shorts, there is something for the whole family, from newborns to second/third winds, we all gots this:

Fridays 27th September, 4th, 11th and 18th October 2019 at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Mansel Way, Cambridge CB4 2ET

3.30pm – 4.15pm Hip Hop Tots
For 0-6yr olds, exploring music and movement
Course fee: £28

4.30pm – 6.00pm Foundation
The undiluted dance style of bboyin for all abilities
Suitable for 7yrs – adult
Course fee: £42

6.15pm – 7.15pm Sweat Fresh
An adults only dance/ fitness/ escapism session based around retro stand up hip hop forms, with 80s styles including New Jack steps
Course fee: £35 

NOTE: we have one more open training session to complete the summer run, this Thursday, 6.15pm – 7.30pm at St Georges Church Hall, Chesterfield Road, Cambridge CB4 1LN cost £2/ free to Sinstars and Fly No Filter.

To register and for further information on any of our activities contact: director@sincru.co.uk 

SIN Cru BBQ tomorrow

We are all very excited, and probably won’t sleep tonight as tomorrow is the most amazing long-standing SIN Cru BBQ, celebrating all thats good about hip hop, community, and council estates.  The event would not be the same without the support of our totally splendid sponsors.  Massive big up for the fresh product and prizes donations: Enter some of the comps on the day for your chance to win Posca paint marker sets , tickets to Somerset Houses’s Get Up Stand Up Now exhibition featuring art from generations of black creative pioneers, tickets to Pervez’s Lets Jam Vol.4 BBoy event with Maurizio the Italian Stallion, goodies from ethical eco-friendly streetwear label THTC Clothing, and vouchers for the one and only TK Maxx

Its onnnnnnnnnnn

open bboy training TONIGHT

Calling all bgirls and bboys, old and young, new to the game to advanced – tonight is the night for open training, come and have a play on the floor, work on a new combo, see if you’ve still got it, make some new friends, and visit one of our new future projects locations.  Important practise sess for all those coming to the BBQ this Sunday – prizes to be won 😉

6.15pm – 7.30pm| St George’s Church Hall, Chesterfield Road, Cambridge CB4 1LN

£2 per person/ Sinstars and Fly No Filter company freeski

fenland’s finest in rehearsal

This week I have been lucky enough to be a part of the development of Fly No Filter‘s upcoming performance for Hotbed Festival, Fenland’s FinestFenland’s Finest is a deep and humorous storytelling performance piece based on real life events.  I had my first look at the script on Wednesday and was honestly blown away by the intensity of the story and the skill of the writing.  The piece explores topics of identity, personal struggles and misunderstandings, through the eyes of a character named Abel Williams, a dancer and ex-boxer diagnosed with Sickle Cell disease.

Sickle Cell disease is a group of disorders that affects haemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body.  It is a life limiting condition with controversial and inconsistent treatment strategies.  Symptoms include:
• Fatigue and anemia
• Pain crises
• Swelling and inflammation of the hands and/or feet, and arthritis
• Bacterial infections
• Sudden pooling of blood in the spleen and liver congestion
• Lung and heart injury
• Leg ulcers
For families of sufferers, click here for support website, or call:
0808 808 3555

Fenland’s Finest depicts the struggles and emotions of the disease in a heart wrenching and hilarious piece.  The day I spent in the rehearsal studio listening, and watching it really gave me perspective, and touched my heart.

I’ve seen scripts be developed and worked on by actors before, but never quite as quickly and as impressively as this.  We had a full day read through and rehearsal in which I helped to give feedback and direct the performance with Lucy, a director of SIN Cru.  We watched the extremely talented Hakeem Onibudo go all the way from a first reading of a new script to having a full work-in-progress performance.  His ability to establish a character in such a short space of time really was inspiring, and something I hope to be able to channel in my own future drama performances.

Fenland’s Finest is a work-in-progress theatre performance that will be performed as part of the Hotbed Theatre Festival on July 20th at the Cambridge Junction.  I highly recommend coming along (ages 14+) if you’re a lover of drama – and don’t mind strong adult language, or just want to see a great performance.  For more information please click here for my previous blog post.

written by Nelle yr10 work experience student with SIN Cru, and loving it.